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Kävel Umlaüt

Kävel Umlaüt is an outlaw and local legend within Ruhrport. While largely considered a nuisance, his antics have started to become increasingly troublesome.

If you're around Ruhrport or the surrounding worlds, keep an eye out for Kävel.

A brigand, a fool, and a bastard. His only motivation seems to be shits n' giggles.

Great to party with. Just don't ever follow him to a second destination.

Current Location
Neutral Male
Radiantly Taupe and fashioned into dreadlocks and mohawks in irreverence to the sacred Kajh style.
Aeai, Sazasharanare, German, and just enough Russian and Kajh to know when it's time to split.


Turd Burglar

In the great shitstorm of '72, Kävel filled a fertilizer frigate with unprocessed sewage and dumped it over the world's governor, their mansion, and an unwitting Shield Dance.

Sighre Trainer

Kävel's Meteor Racer doubles as a Sighre sanctuary. He trains them in stunts, security, and modeling. The money he gains from contracting them out is the closest thing to a stable income he has.

Orga Enthusiast

Once Kävel got his hands on a mating pair of Blisterfroth Frogs he decided to make it everyone else's problem. He granted them flight, explosive tendencies, and a thirst for violence. These living grenades are now his favored weapon.


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