First made. First abandoned. The Sighre have not been treated well by history, but at least they don't know any better.
— A Sazashi
The Sighre were the first Sazashi made by Alephus Ashiman.   They are modified Sazakraht—larger, smarter, heaver, and more dexterous. Designed originally as the equivalent of heavy machinery for the Ancient Haimarchy, the Sighre are now a reclusive breed of Sazashi who are more commonly found in the wild than accepted in civilization.   But there are always exceptions...

Raw Power

At 30 to 40 feet in length and 18-23 feet at the shoulder, the Sighre are one of the largest land mammals in Ethnis. They possess tremendous strength, and are capable of tearing down massive trees in minutes for use in their dens. Most are smart enough to learn language and live among society, but are so shunned by it that they instead tend to live feral in the wild, shoved off into reserves or hunted by locals.  

Trusted by Sazakraht

One of the most dangerous aspects of the Sighre isn't their strength, but their ability to socialize with Sazakraht and form into packs to live among and mutually protect. This pack behavior, typically only seen in times of great stress for the Sazakraht, makes them a menace, as any land they choose to take ends up hard-fought for as the giant creatures resort to stealth and guerilla tactics to protect their land.

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Genetic Ancestor(s)
40 Years
Average Height
Imperial Metric
Male 12-14 ft.
Female 8-14 ft.
Adult, at shoulder
Average Weight
Imperial Metric
Male 2000-2600lbs. 900-1200kg.
Female 1600-2200 lbs 700-100kg.
Average Length
Imperial Metric
Male 28-36 ft. 9-11 m.
Female 20-30 ft. 6-13 m.
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