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When Alephus first breathed Soul into Animal, he created the Sighre. First Born; First Abandoned.

Criticisms the ProcessionVolume II: Alephus Ashiman

An eternal minority, there are few places a Sighre can live which make considerations for their great stature, their inability to articulate many standard phonetics, and their sensitivity towards sensory overload from noise, light, movement, and scent. By this omission from common society, Sighre find themselves expected to live at the fringes of society rather than at its heart.

Sighre who gravitate towards the cities often find themselves unable to live as anything but wards of the state or as IdPari. Instead, most take to living among the Outlanders or in the colonies, where their great stature is of greater esteem and is more welcome.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
6-8 Decades
Related Myths

The Sighre mouths do not have the articulation range necessary for the phonetics common Sazasharanare and

A Rare Insight
In an urban setting, the senses which they inherited from their Sazakraht ancestry (barometric spines, mobile pinnae)

Though the exact expression of their Ah'hei has been lost to the burning of Procession libraries and the slow churn of time, the Sighre are known for an incredible determination. Perhaps this is the survivor bias selecting only the most tenacious of Sighre, or perhaps this internal strength comes from their wordless Ah'hei.

    From those first few came lineages—packs tasked with homesteading in the dangerous wilderness of the Amujnalden continental region alongside Verin explorers.     First one, then many—explorers able to cross the vast and dangerous wilds of Jhoutai

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