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The Ten Pillars


The Muscle of Digger Co.

We don't have many stories in Cuidad Uno, the most history people dig into here is the trash left in the dumpster. The Ten Pillars though, that's a fun legend. Ten Sighre who held this city together, all dead but one. The mystery of the last Sighre.
— Sig V Local

The Legend of the Ten Pillars has its roots in the very first mining colonies of Sig V. When the first Cuidads were established, Digger Co. brought in a pack of ten Mecha-enhanced Sighre.

Their strength, and ability to core out the earth paved the way for prosperity. Sig V blossomed, but as soon as the fire caught, it was snuffed out. Even the Sighre could not find tunnel their way to new ores, and so they moved to the cities.

Even removed from their mines, the Sighre still served their cities with dedication. Their strength kept the domes together, kept people safe, and even gave hope that Sig V was not doomed.

The Dwindling Hope

The Melancholic Lacuna dashed any hope that remained, strangling out the life of Sig V one city at a time. The Sighre tried all they could, they replaced machines that succumbed and people that perished. One by one, the Sighre scattered about the planet died to keep Sig V going just an iota longer.

Nine of the ten Sighre are accounted for, their life and death documented in the last remaining city, Ciudad Uno. Their memorials rest a in the center of the city, within the Trade Center of Cuidad Uno.

The Trade Center is not their resting place, instead the nine recovered were laid to rest in an unknown location, to prevent scavengers from picking apart the corpses for their Mecha implants.

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Where are the Nine buried?
Where is the tenth, could he still be alive?

The Last Pillar

No one knows what happened to the tenth Sighre, some believe it escaped. Others believe they lay in an unknown tomb.

A handful of ignored souls cry out that the Tenth Pillar still lives.

Ten Pillars, just a story to placate boredom. I'm tired of going to bars and hearing some old man parroting that story every night.
— Cuidad Uno Denizen

History Erodes to Myth

My people, you don't need this "Pillars", they collapsed into nothing, just like our previous rulers. My people, you only need me.
— Sora-Khai

When Sora-Khai siezed control of Ciudad Uno, he took up residence within the Trade Center. the plaques that served as memorial were vandalized and destroyed.

With the Plaques destroyed and with survival taking priority, the past of the Ten Pillars faded away into myth and rumor.


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