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Trade Center of Cuidad Uno

Written by Barron


Like all of the tenements and blocks of Cuidad Uno, the Trade Center has suffered through iterations of ignominy. Dust and degradation claimed every aspect of the building. Unlike the others, the Trade Center was once an opulent palace of marble and metals. Waves of poverty and desperation robbed the Center of its previous luster, leaving it as a shell of its former glory.


Developed by Digger Co., the building was designed with a focus on the planets bounty of minerals. Local marbles and granites, trimmed with valuable metals taken from Sig V. The architecture itself is a hybrid of earthen classical and Sazashi efficiency. Grand marble pillars support a well-organized and angular interior structure with a single atrium. Below the main structure, a network of tunnels connect the underground vaults once used to store the mass of wealth that flowed in and out of Trade Center of Cuidad Uno.



The Trade Center was built when Digger Co. discovered enough wealth to warrant construction of a local vault. Construction began in Cuidad Uno and was complete within three years. It operated as the customs house, the trade center, and banner embassy for two decades. When the mines dried up, the trade stopped, and when the trade stopped the trade center was vacated. No one maintained the building, and soon the marvelous halls degraded into disrepair.

Sora-Khai's Den

Cuidad Uno's plight of poverty only worsened when its hub became the self-proclaimed den of Sora-Khai and his criminal empire. The once grand marble walls became tainted with graffiti and gang markings, any of the metal trim had been stripped out by eager @hiserabi and mages. At the center of the once luxurious atrium on top of a throne of scrapped marble and gold sat Sora-Khai himself. The vaults once full with ingots and goods now were home to a collection of knick-knacks, trinkets, and what wealth they had carved off the underbelly of the poor populace.

Psovod and Dravec

When Robert "Psovod" Kiska and Dravec came in and turned the marble red with blood, the Trade Center and Crime den actually began to serve the populace once more. What local business there was came in to clean up the building, pushing out the dead bodies and using what wealth was in the vault to remodel the Trade Center as a headquarters for a new office of law enforcement. Those who joined the new impromptu sheriffs could use the Trade Center as a home as long as they served.
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