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The whole Sig system sucks people in like a quicksand pit. Don't get stuck here, don't even stop here, don't even look! Go somewhere nice, like Ayun-Ausralia right down the road.

Sigmaeur, more commonly called 'Sig', is a system with two WayHalls. The only habitable planet in the system is Sig V. That is only thanks to the self-sustaining dome cities built when the desert planet was first colonized.

Traveling towards Sig V can hold danger, since the space around the planet still holds the wreckage and debris from when it was once a successful Digger Co. industrial system.

The System is mostly a fly-by, with little economic value except for local drug production, Rukta (Currency) laundering, and Federation tax evasion. A travelers space station allows most to continue on without stopping, but unfortunate people who wander onto Sig V can find themselves trapped in an arbitraty and predatory space port.

"Welcome to the lovely Federation planet of Sig V, your estimated docking rights before refill is... 5000 Rutka."

— Dock Manager AI
Current Residents
Robert Kiska, Dravec, Sora-Khai, Cory Tor K'khuani
System Captial
Cuidad Uno
Underground Culture
The Apple of Hedonism
Former Affiliations
The Andromeda Syndicate (Lost during Lacuna), Digger Co. (Abandoned)
Included Locations
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