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Leader of the Cuidad Uno Crime Family

Written by Barron

Sora-Khai served as the ruthless godfather of the city-crippling crime empire. He struck terror in the hearts and minds of the people of Cuidad Uno and inspired loyalty in his underlings.

His rule has lasted for decades, but his descent into paranoia and a party of disgruntled denizens threaten his dynasty.

A Shadowy Approach

Sora-Khai operates his organization by standing behind his lieutenants. He is rarely seen in public outside of his holographic presence, but he is always keeping control over his many enterprises.

He also knows that not everything can be handled by his trusted subordinates. He is no stranger to entering the public gaze on occasion, mostly to assert his power. He has been known to rough up or even murder those who revolt against his power.

Rise from Nothing


Sora-Khai was born to a pair of lower-class Ral-mi, growing up during Digger Co.'s slow parting from the planet of Sig V. He grew up learning to keep many friends but always reimain a head above.

He spent his childhood in the streets, organizing Hiserabi and other youth into a troublemaking street gang. It never approached crime until Digger Co. completely withdrew from Cuidad Uno.

What was left of organized law left with with the corporation, leaving Cuidad Uno with no true guiding faction.

Gang Leadership

Seeing the opportunity in the power vacuum, Sora-Khai went from trouble-maker to shot-caller.

He organized raids and burglaries of what wealth was left in the city. If he did not have something, he would go out of his way to get it.

Those who could afford to leave might find themselves robbed of their chance by Sora-Khai. Those who stuck on the planet were either forced to pay what little they had as protection or face being in the crosshairs.

Sora-Khai soon expanded past common violent crimes, using his funds to operate slave-trading and smuggling, even establishing off-world contacts to sell to.

Descent into Madness

No one can run this city but me, some of you have forgotten that! You lurk in the shadows like rats, ready to pick my corpse!   You'll hang from the Dome, all of you!
— Sora-Khai

Sora-Khai's position as godfather began to take its toll on the mind of the Ral-Mi. As his empire grew, he found that tracking his family was growing impossible. He was only one person holding up a thousand-strong crime syndicate.

He grew more paranoid, assuming that anyone he could not see was out to get him. Only the closest of his members maintained a strong friendship with him.

His fear culminated in an event nicknamed the "Purge," he ordered the execution of nearly a quarter of his syndicate, focusing on those who had failed to keep him up to date on their dealings.

New Threats

After the purge, Sora-Khai continued his daily operations with more direct control. He reevaluated the wealth of the people of Perduro, using his new Hiserabi lieutenant, Magpie, to get knowledge of every notable in the city.

A pair of new-comers drew his ire, an Ex-Customs Officer Robert "Psovod" Kiska and his companion Dravec. Psovod openly rebuked Sora-Khai's power, and not even Sora-Khai's most dedicated thugs dared challenge Dravec in broad daylight.

In an attempt to break the pair, Sora-Khai orded Magpie to ransack Psovod's apartment. The successful raid forced Psovod and Dravec out of the city, where they plot the takedown of Sora-Khai.

We were abandoned by everyone. A gravestone created corporate greed.

I brought life, I brought order. This city is alive by my hand.

— Sora-Khai

Current Location
Current Residence
Long coal-black mane, tied into braids
7' 2"
289 Lbs


Sora-Khai is a Ral-mi bulked by his lifestyle of crime.

He knows how to get his hands dirty and it shows through the muscluature in his build.

His wealth has led to a life of luxury, and he sports a pudge thanks to it.

Notable Markings

Sora Khai has his fangs and tusks gilded gold. A pair of rubies are embedded in the enamal of his tusks, only visible during a smile.

His face is marred with a deep scar that traces through his fur from his top lip to his left ear.


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