An intelligent, horse-sized, creature of murder

Written by Barron

I was told not to eat what I kill. So I will eat you before I kill you.
— Dravec


Dravec is Psovod's uplifted Sazakraht. The pair were solely responsible for the downfall of Sora-Khai and his criminal empire dominating Cuidad Uno.   Dravec holds a bestial a hunger for all things related to killing, drinking, and having a good time. While Dravec listens to Psovod's advice most of the time, there are occasional hiccups where Dravec has to let his animal instincts take over, leaving Psovod to clean up the mess.  


Dravec's birth was an unknown affair done either via captivity or stolen from his mother by poachers. He was swiftly uplifted in order to satisfy a wealthy drug-lords hunger for the ultimate intelligent sidekick. He was made able to speak, do basic math, and push into Sophont territory of intelligence.   You can not program the animal out of Dravec, and some say his intelligence only makes me a more fearsome killer. Psovod would agree whole heartedly.  

Kiska's Rescue

Dravec was found by K9 Officer Robert "Psovod" Kiska in an elaborate sting operation on a smuggling ring in Jupiter Syndicate space. Psovod soon learned of the cubs intelligence and the plans by the Syndicate to euthanize him.   Without a second thought, Psovod traded his job and a mass of favors in order to keep Dravec and get them both to The Free Planet Federation, where he would be allowed to own the Sazakraht.  

Cuidad Uno

Psovod took Dravec and settled on a backwater planet where they could leave off the radar. They found Sig V and her capital of Cuidad Uno. Over the course of a four years, he grew taller than Psovod at the shoulder. While their neighbors did not appreciate the noise of a horse-sized death machine living next store, they could not deny the impact on the crime rate.  

I remember many nights where I'd sit with Dravec and watch monster flicks with him over a couple of steaks and beers. He never talked until the end, sitting and watching the screen like a hawk. His questions afterwards were always... interesting.

Monster Movies disappoint me. I learn yes, and enjoy the blood, but they never let the monster win. If I was in the movie I would not lose.
— Dravec on his childhood


Vigilantism against Sora-Khai

While Psovod and Dravec kept their individual building safe, they did not work against the ruling Crime Empire of Sora-Khai. They had no interest in pursuing the crime-lord until the crime-lord decided to pursue them. Hearing that the pair had valuables stashed away, Sora-Khai ordered a shakedown of Psovod and Dravec's house.

A group of Hiserabi and Ral-Mi, kicked down their door while they were away stealing their collection of videos, alcohol, guns, and Dravecs prized rock.


Nobody touches my rock. it is mine. Psovod says we can kill, I'm excited.
— Dravec

  Psovod and Dravec took off on a crusade that saw the empire of Sora-Khai annihilated from the ground up. The only person who fought along side them was the ex-gang member Carmine, who provided intel in exchange for protection and a way off Sig V.   Psovod and Dravec faced off with Sora-Khai on top of the remains of his followers in the Trade Center of Cuidad Uno. It was a bloody battle, and the first battle in which Dravec took a wound. At the end of the fifteen minute battle, Sora-Khai and the crime empire of Cuidad Uno lay dead. While crime remained high overall, there was no longer an organization profiting off the struggles of the Citizens, and Psovod and Dravec were treated as heros.  
I got to kill hundreds of people, and I got as many drinks as I could lap down! That was the best day of my life!
— Dravec

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On adventure

I look forward to adventure. You let me kill on adventures.

On alcohol

"I am at ninety-three percent," Dravec said. It glanced at the bottle of alcohol. "There is the other seven percent."

On thievery

Dravec, can you keep an eye on my pockets?

Why, are they going anywhere, Psovod?

On being pet

You may touch for five seconds.
Six seconds and you will need a new hand.
Biological Sex
7.2 Feet at the Shoulder
1020 Lbs
Length 17 Feet
Speech Dravec can't actually speak from his mouth, but has a communication collar grafted to his neck. It translates Dravec's outgoing thoughts into a voice of Psovods choosing.
Voice Reference Idris Elba

Current Whereabouts

Psovod and Dravec left Sig V and Cuidad Uno behind in order to sate a growing wanderlust. The beast of civilization was conquered, and so they turned to the untamed wilderness of space.   They bounce planet to planet, taking on scouting missions as part of the Five Stages of Colonization. The wild landscapes provide the thrill they need, and they only return to civilization for the booze and the showers.

Cover image: Sazakraht by Amevello Blue


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