The Stages of Colonization

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The Stages of Colonization


When a planet is first discovered, there is a prequel to the efforts of colonization. During this initial stage, Banners may attempt to establish rights over the world before others can. This happens when a world already has loyalties to an existing banner. It can also happen under circumstances which makes planets only habitable to certain banners. The next stages of colonization do not occur if the population is large enough to simply be absorbed into a Banner.  


The first official stage of colonizing a planet begins when prospecting ships arrive and begin to set up shop. Prospecting ships are platforms that can stay in orbit for extended periods. They act as bases for Prospectors, Eulogists, and other explorers looking to seek their fortune on a planet Millennia-old. These planets can hide dangers and treasures abound, and so prospectors are often the hardiest people the universe has to offer.  


Stage 1 prospectors serve as a screen for companies and banners looking to establish permanent colonies. These companies will purchase prospector information, and gear up small efforts to research and establish living areas for larger colony ships. Often times these efforts will use a Habitat. This stage can last anywhere from three months to a year and ends when the first Colony ship arrives.  


After a successful Stage 2 operation, Banner will bid to send colony ships to the site of habitation. These colony ships can contain 500 to 5000 colonists in a run. These colonists will establish bulk facilities that the Habitat can't support. The first towns are erected from the Habitat ships, creating thriving communities within a year or two.

Colonization Vehicles


Habitats are much larger headquarters often commissioned by Banners or corporations. The intent of these structures is to root down in a spot and set up a working foundation for the next stage of colonization. These Habitats are often state of the art, and modular enough to meld with an individual planets needs.  


Waybodes are single room dwellings that can be dropped from space onto uncolonized worlds. These ships are often belonging to traders, prospectors, eulogists, and other individuals looking to hold residence on a planet. They are typically white in color and rounded in shape. Powered by a simple meissner engine, they are mobile enough to get around on their own albeit at a slow pace.
Me and my little Waybode; one bed, one bath, a whole fuck ton of fun.   Takin' her planetside with nothing but my wits, a month of food, and my shotgun.   Makin' this planet my bitch, Mmmmhm.
— Proud Waybode Colonist

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