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Uplifts are animals which, by way of implants, breeding, and conditioning, have had their Sophonce raised beyond the norm for their species.

Within most Banners, uplifting a creature beyond the existential threshold is illegal, due to the uncertainty and cruelty of how a creature unprepared for existential thought may handle it.

Making eye contact is too intense for most uplifts. They report that it's uncann. It is innately understood between all Uplifts, but whenever allowed to interact one of the first questions usually is "Can you look them in the eyes?"

The them is always understood, of course, to be the sophont.

"No. No. It's too much for me. Can you?"


Extremely Rare
The Uplift Drop
Condition | Apr 19, 2019

The Uplift Drop is phenomenon almost universally reported by any Sophontist who Uplifts a creature to full Sophonce, and is cited, legally and ethnically, as one of the reasons to stop Uplifting at the upper end of Sentient.


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