Magpie's a literally little rat bastard Hiserabi who likes to spend his evenings at the bar , bragging about his hits of the day.

We need the little shit alive, he's got info on Sora-Khai that we're gonna need.

The Magpie is one of Sora-Khai's most trusted lieutenants, in charge of tracking wealth and coordinating the Hiserabi.

He serves as the first target of the Sig V's Immortal party. His information on Sora-Khai's criminal empire makes him a valuable target for Psovod and Dravec.

The Eyes of Sora-Khai

Magpie walks the streets of Sig V, not only to exert his presence over the city, but to scope out any wealth that is not under Sora-Khai's watchful gaze. He also helps manage the day to day operations of the criminal empire.

If there is a deal happening, or a new person in town the Magpie will be the first to know about it. This posititon is only made more apparent with the amount of Hiserabi who follow the Magpie like a leader onto himself.

There is an internal rumor that Magpie is making his own moves into businesses, but Sora-Khai can not risk breaking it up due to Magpie's hisearbi support.


Magpie was easy to spot and just as easy to lose. His jacket was made of some sheer fabric and bore a slowly shifting pattern like oil—complete with tones of blue and dark iridescence. As he spoke, the stripes and markings on his face flickered blue with visualizations, and his eyes glittered with cyan rings of eyeshine.

"Eeeeyaaaaasa da-da-da-drinks!"

Magpie has used his cut of wealth to purchase fine-clothing, which he flaunts nearly every night at the few remaining bars and clubs within Sig V.

His build is lanky, even for a Hiserabi, and metallic trinkets and baubles dangle off all of his limbs.

With a boistorous and shrill attitude manner of speaking, his voice could be heard way before he is seen.

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In Combat

Magpie utilizes his natural features in his combat style. Claws laced with venom and steel-reinforcements, and a savage bite are all fair game if the Magpie feels threatened.

His first instinct at trouble is to flee, he knows the streets of Sig V better than anyone and has an entire network of Hisearbi to help him reach difficult locations.

For all his strengths, he is easy to break, as long as someone could keep a hold of him.


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