Sig V's Immortals

"Listen, Dravec and I were good to go here. Nice, quiet, a bit of roughhousing with the locals..."   Psovod dragged at his stimcig, and chased it down with the amber libations of the local brew house.   "Fuck... like stewed piss this is." He mused. The rest was poured into a bowl, Dravec had no qualms of finishing off the ale with a single lap of his tongue.   "But then Big Shit Sora comes along like some asshole and fucks with our shit big time? Nah."   "He stole my rock." Dravec made it a point, snarling his words loud enough to make the patrons of the bar reach for the door or their weapons.   "Right! See? So no more Mister Nice Psovod and Dravec. We're taking him down..." Psovod emphasized by placing his rifle down on the bar, and turned to face you.   "...and you... Immortals... are gonna ride with us."   "Stupid name, they can die." Dravec stated matter-of-factly.   "Dravec, don't ruin it."

Running this Campaign

This campaign is intended to be a shorter campaign for new characters. Based within and around the city of Cuidad Uno, it revolves urban conflict and absurdist vigilantism.   Players will start out after accepting the quest offer from Robert Kiska, and will fight through the city in a quest to take down the established crime lord ruling over the city with an iron fist.  

Urban Characters

Players might struggle if they play a build not well suited for shorter term campaigns, for example there will be very few chances to craft, so a Gadgeteer may suffer.   With the short nature of the campaign, there will be custom mantles. These mantles are recommended as they are specifically geared towards dealing with the situations in Cuidad Uno .

Short Backstory

This campaign should serve as a good first experience. There will be no need for overly complex starting stories, and there won't be much time to explore them.   This campaign is a great place to start a character and gain familiarity with them. If you like your character here, then you can always bring them on grand new adventures!

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Fighting against the powers that be
Doling out over the top justice.
Having a damned good time.

Campaign Info

  • Short Campaign (3-4 Quests)
  • Low Level Quest (Starting Equipment)
  • Designed for 2 to 3 players

Recommended Mantles

This is gonna be a loud job. Gotta hit hard and fast, with little time for preparation. That's why I chose you lot in particular..."
— Psovod
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