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Written by Etoilebane

An icy planet picked up for cheap after a massive explosion wiped out the bulk of the previous owning power. Prior to its purchase, Ayun-Ausralia was used as a prison and refinery planet by The Church of The Somnolent. After purchase by an envoy of The Federation of Free Planets during a bout of trade negotiations it was repurposed for much the same usage, surprising no-one.
An abandoned prison planet with a danger rating that seems to be off the charts? I have a few ideas.
— Bryce Westminster IV, First Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia


Surface-wise, Ayun-Ausralia is particularly uninspired. Pock marks from debris and meteoriod colliding with the planet dot the surface of the continents, as do a number titanic metal domes. Scrap metal, various smaller camps and ruins of a rudimentary Somnolent prison can be found on the areas away from the main domes of the planet.

Between the continents of Ayun-Ausralia is the main peculiarity of the planet, an ocean consisting of roiling liquid methane. A number of small metallic crafts can be found along the edges of the ocean, as can various detritous and several corpses. Activity in the ocean creates tides and waves of methane that can prove hazardous for travelers.

Beneath the ocean of methane lies an unexplored seascape, largely due to the chilling temperatures (in excess of -130 C) and heavy atmospheric pressure.

Fauna & Flora

No naturally occuring flora exists on Ayun-Ausralia.

Beneath the roil of the Methane Sea, a number of fish and fish-like creatures can be found. Due to the composition of the sea, the bodies and internal structures of the fish contain large amounts of methane, leading to increased flammability. As a result of the pressure differential very few live specimens have been available for study.

Deep-sea species are hypothesized to exist, however research is currently ongoing.

Natural Resources

A vast ocean of liquid methane, frozen methane, methane clathrate, methane salts, gaseous methane, and the fish from the ocean are available on Ayun-Ausralia.
Alternative Name(s)
New-Aus, 'That one icy hell-world', On-Oz (local name)
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