The Mansion of the Prime Minister

Written by Etoilebane

Back when we were constructing the domes, I gave my developers a list of specifications for my personal residence. It goes without saying that they fufilled all of my requirements for my manor and then some. The large shells coming from the roof, with a playful chevron pattern printed on them that's reminiscent of the newly established Westminster Family Coat of Arms. The dome, gleaming with it's steel jacketing, echoing the Westminster Dome itself. Glass columns that retract and rearrange for formal occasions. I love this building as much as a man can love a building. And then some.
— Bryce Westminster IV, First Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia

Purpose / Function

The building serves as both the place of office and house of Ayun-Ausralia's Prime Minister. The First Prime Minister intended the mansion to be the seat of Ayun-Ausralia's government, but that was not meant to be. As it is, the transfer of title between incumbent prime minister and former prime minister takes place at the mansion.


Subsequent Prime Ministers have tried improving the building to make it not so hideous, however due to several of the crests being part of the supporting structure and a series of legal hoops involving permits and a circle of authorizations required to alter the building's appearance, only minor modifactions such as paint, decorations and heraldry have changed over the year.


Described as a horrible combination of the historical Earth White House and Sydney Opera House, the architcture has been classified as "completely baffling, and Jørn Utzon is spinning in his grave as we speak". As a result, the style is somewhere between Palladian and Expressionist but fails to fully embrace either.


Built to the demands and specifications of the first Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia the building was among the third major project completed during the establishment of the colony. Prime Minster Westminster fast-tracked the requirement that the prime minister reside in the newly completed mansion in record time. Thanks to speedy and thoughtful work by Ayun-Ausralia's first administrator, government functions were moved from the forced requirement of being held at the Prime Minister's Mansion.

Alternative Names
That hideous building in the Westminster Dome
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Owning Organization
The Federation of Free Planets
Characters in Location


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