Shela Arlant, Administrator of Ayun-Ausralia

Written by Etoilebane

Shela Arlant

After a quick search through Federation of Free Planets personnel looking for reassignment, Görsh Kiska hired an available manager for the colony his son was to re-establish on Ayun-Ausralia.

Following a rocky start, the colony prospered under Shela Arlant's management, with her strong will and stubborness often going at odds with Bryce Westminster's ambitious vision for the planet.

Bryce is a bit of a moron. But his father is paying me entirely too much to let this colony fail. Between his incessant hitting on me "for the sake of the local morale" he says, to the gods-awful mansion he built using a healthy portion of the city management funds, I swear he's going to be the death of me. Or I'll be the death of him. Whichever comes first.
— From the Published Diary of Shela Arlant
During a pitched game of Bryce's Dice she managed to coerce Prime Minister Westminster into offering the Prime Minister's postion as a wager against a moonlit date in which he'd finally have the opportunity to woo her. In a narrow victory, she triumphed and began the process of breaking up the vast power the Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia held over the colony.
I remember it like it was yesterday. After the game, she dubbed herself 'Her Ladyship Anastasia Wellington', stole Bryce's hat, and set to work on a massive pile of paperwork she'd brought with her in a rather tasteful attache case. After signing everything and having Bryce initial in a couple places, Minister Wellington handed back Bryce's hat. Then she called him a moron and told him it was nice doing bussiness with him. All-in-all, it was a pretty fun night.
— Interview found in the Ayun-Ausralia work 'The Three-hour Prime Minister'
During her brief tenure as prime minister of Ayun-Ausralia, PM Wellington divided the powers of the PM's office into 3 different departments, Department of Bussiness, Department of Manufacturing, and Department of Welfare. Along with establishing a social welfare program and health system for the colony it also served to remove the bulk majority of the Prime Minister's power and left the office with, as Prime Minister Wellington said "Nothing important, mostly just the mundane stuff. Weddings, funerals, parades; y'know, harmless. Probably. It is Bryce we're talking about."

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Second Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia, Her Ladyship Anastasia Wellington
Biological Sex
Dull ruby, often glaring.
Aligned Organization
The Federation of Free Planets


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