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The Great Fire of Ayun-Ausralia

Written by Etoilebane

Legend abounds Ayun-Ausralia as to what caused the fire that wiped out the original occupying Edenic forces, along with the bulk of the exploratory Nasyk crew brought to explore the depths of the methane sea and the chilly environment. A fire broke out that escalated until it reached the point of annihilating the bulk of the planet's structures and settlers. Afterwards, the cause of the fire and possible survivors were left unknown and rumor abounded.


The fire was caused either by accident or for a specific reason (depending on the teller) and then it either escalated naturally or was fanned to ever-increasing heights. Air domes and equipment exploded, and then large patches of the planet cooked as methane and oxygen fueled the blaze. Eventually the blaze was extinguished, either due to natural means (such as running out of fuel), divine means (The Somnolent retracting his judgement) or technological means (the brave engineers of The Jupiter Syndicate organizing an advanced fire-suppresion system)

Historical Basis

Evidence of widespread, terrible fire can be found amongst the ruins of Ayun-Ausralia. Reclamation Era documentation supports the cause for abandoment of Ayun-Ausralia as 'great loss of life, equipment and resources'. Wild, possibly insane Nasyk can be found in isolated locations on the planet.


Different versions of the tale are bandied about the planet, mostly to children and visitors as a strict form of teaching them the incredible danger fire poses to a mostly methane planet.

Variations & Mutation

The souce and cause of The Great Fire vary, with each telling seems to come a new source of the planet's destruction. One particularly inspired version has The Somnolent himself descending upon the wicked inhabitants of the planet and smiting them.

A more tongue-in-cheek interpretation offers that a cow kicking over a lantern started the blaze.

In Literature

Numerous thriller, historical and romance novels written on or about Ayun-Ausralia feature The Great Fire as a central theme or plot device.
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