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Encapsulating Outlander, exile, and convict alike, to be IdPari is to choose to deny the obligation of Conscription. In denying this obligation, the IdPari lose access to the benefits of citizenship, including ownership and employment. There is little esteem for the IdPari, who live shoved to the edge of society, but they tend to be welcomed back with open arms if they agree to enter immediate conscription.

IdPari are compelled to distinguish themselves or face imprisonment, and traditionally wore a wrought iron Pari Chain necklace or sash.

Long ago...

When the Glistering Pathogens of ~17100 CS, ravaged Valdutan's outlander population, few chose to remain in their settlements, and instead migrated en masse to beat at the gates of the Valdutani cities to demand shelter, protection, medicine, and exorcisms.

In their absence, rutas took to the abandoned settlements to build hives in the structures left behind. When winter came, the heat and resources of the cities lured the Rutas in, and the Valdutani Republic, already quailing from winter surges in the pathogen, nearly crumbled. Were it not for the Outlanders camped at the capitol gates, the Republic would have crumpled.

After barely surviving to the spring, a mixture of sober retrospection and civil unrest from outlanders and citizens alike forced the Republic to admit that it relied on uncorporated Outlander colonies to keep the Rutas populations in check, and that the Outlanders were thus owed a measure of infrastructure to support them.

The concept of IdPari was born, and it became the norm for Valdutani cities to build IdPari districts—regions supplied water, power, preventative healthcare, other critical welfare amenities. Beyond the walls, welfare was extended to those Outlander settlements which could build a train station and perhaps offer trade.

With time, the practice grew. Valdutan pressured Valuser'rh and Kajh-Tai into it, and after dissatisfied outlanders fuelled the Rilaemshi war, Aempis adopted the practice as well.

IdPari was signed into the ValuSelu Pact during the Bannercasting, and is now exercised across all members of the Pact.

And now...

There are people who believe that the IdPari are not given enough rights and respect. A storied few citizens come by this sympathy through some consanguinity to an IdPari lineage, but most arrive at it through the modern zeitgeist's critical eye towards the Jhoutigari.

Back when my great uncle began his conscription, he was told that 'the lottery for a military posting is one in ten thousand conscripts. With a pool of over thirty thousand on the colony, odds are the unlucky winner won't even be from our town." And two years later he was killed on a routine patrol of Ankrata space.

When my cousin entered conscription, they said "Well this time the pool is eighty thousand these days, what are the odds it'll be from your bloodline twice?" He was vaporized in the Five System war.

By the time they took my sister, the lotto was one in seven thousand, but the recruiter assured her that the odds were 'impossible'.

When it was my turn, the recruiter had the gall to say 'well I've never seen it twice from the same household.'. So I ran, and I've been trying to find my sister ever since. Six years, and I haven't heard a damn thing, not even where she's posted.

— A newly outcast IdPari
To be IdPari is to be Without Honor for the tenants of the ValuSelu Pact, to deny the state the gratitude of your labor in return the charity of its welfare.
IdPari Affectations
Ways to show your character as IdPari include: Pari Chain, Yantra, and Tattos. The more fully you deny the Pact, the more likely you are to opt for a permanant mark of rejection.
Statement Piece
IdPari Sidebar
A poor priest with golden Pari chain smokes on the stoop of a church. by Ademal via Midjourney

The proud son of an IdPari wears an iron chain embellished with an ornate medallion and contrasts it against his golden collar.


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I don't blame him, for avoiding conscription.

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That quote hits hard.

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God that war time story is brutal. Love the art you generated for this one, made me think of the first IdPari variations of Kona we imagined!

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It seems to me that these Outlanders were unwitting meat shields for the city dwellers, and they were rewarded with basic comforts for it- and a chain of iron to wear. At least going by the tale passed down through the years. From what I'm hearing now, the current IdPari issues have more to do with conscription. Probably a sign of a deeper issue. - Nemo, World Traveler
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