Valuser'ran Supremacy

The Valuser'ran Supremacy was a Shejlt-dominated empire which spread coast-to-coast across the Amujnalden Region in the wake of the Vadakendanic Procession. It was founded as a temporary measure, but its rule became normalized and structuralized over the course of generations, modeled after the Procession's One-State rule.

Around 4400 JS, Aempis became the center of a growing movement and revolution against the Supremacy, organizing all the prefectures of Valuser'rh against it in a world war. Valuser'rh was driven out of modern-day Khatoum, Kajh-Tai, Nege-Tai, Faur'ridar'ru, Marianiyah, Valdutan, and Aempis.

The spirit of the Supremacy lives on in the shadows of modern Valuser'ran politics. Though the ValuSelu Pact is a conjunction of Jhoutaioan nations, Aempis and Valuser'rh exist in a continuous cold war for majority control of it.

The Supremacy was ruled by a Grandmaster of Light, a Psiolic Warrior-Poet educated in economics and law. To prove themselves fit for the role, Aspirants had to be a Monolith of some form of magic, and had to prove their education and combat skills against one another. This could play out over years, and explioded into bloody and bombastic rivalries between aspirants whenever the position of Grandmaster was vacated—often by assassination.

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"Ours is the city of gold"


Founding Date
0 JS
Alternative Names
The Supremacy
Subsidiary Organizations
Neighboring Nations

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