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Barron's WorldEmber 2021
14 of 23 prompts completed

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Psstt... Hey you... Wanna read some of that Ethnisy Summer Camp goodness? Hit up my worldbuilding in the Ethnis Universe!
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Power Plants

Synthetically produced plants that sprout and grow, providing electricity to anything that can tap into a root.

476 words

Nova Braga

74 words

Francisco System

249 words

Bonding Band

The Bonding Band is a piece of symbolic jewelry that came into practice with the invention of the Fær Consenti language. It symbolizes the 'ownership' of one Hedonite to another.

3909 words


Kay is a Gearheart Prospector, who takes jobs with his Helyk lover, Alto. Together they dream of traveling the galaxies in their very own ship.

836 words

Planet of Babylon

227 words

Los Pioneros

72 words

Citadel of Babel

163 words


861 words


Snapvine is a type of plant that grows in many different regions and conditions. It is a carnivorous family of plants, with a snapping mechanism and venom for the capture of prey.

828 words

Dolr'ran's Flesh

Dolr'ran's Flesh is a condition that is caused as a result of Feather Fungus infection in the skin, in which feathery sprouts from the fungus erupt from the flesh of the infected.

660 words

Feather Fungus

Feather Fungus is a a parasitic fungal life form that can lay its roots in everything from corralum to flesh. It is a dangerous parasite, capable of spreading between people and causing death through sepsis and organ failure.

735 words


Rurhport is the culmination of my legacy, the cliche magnum opus. Just imagine, the universe's greatest production complex and yet not a machine in sight.

1379 words

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I am here for Ethnis primarily, working as a secondary developer to Ademal Jacklyn   My passions and experience come in the form of video games and design, unreal engine, C++, Ruby (not on rails.) I am an aspiring gunsmith as a hobby, and I collect and am willing to share knowledge on firearms if anyone needs that info for any of their projects. I also am always interested in military related affairs (such as historic battles and the like)

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