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Kay is a GearHeart engineer, and devout partner of Alto. Both Kay and Alto grew up on a Syndicate planet. They both had very different lives. Kay was brought up in a wealthy househould, though he grew estranged from his parents over his lack of interest in the family business.

The estrangement grew even more at the introduction of an entrancing Helyk, Alto. Kay captured Alto's attention with his personality and aspirations, and Alto enthralled Kay with his artistic talent and amorosity.

Kay spent more and more time with his new romantic partner, mostly in Alto's tattoo parlor. He became a canvas for Alto, who covered him into emotion-driven luminescent tattoos. While Alto worked, Kay learned about the Apple of Hedonism. He saw into the different life that Alto lived. With Alto there was freedom, passion, adventures, and pleasures unknown. Kay wanted to be a part of Alto's life, as a way to abandon his own.

That desire would come true a year later, when Alto and Kay traded their old lives to start anew amongst the stars. Kay abandoned his home, his career, and his family to spend his life with the Helyk that had captured him.

Unnamed Syndicate World II
5'7" (1.71m)
Notable Features
Luminscent Tattoos with emotion sensing

Engineer, Pocket Rocket, Wannabe Pilot

Kay spent most of his life working in ironClad, from youth learning programs to working in his fathers Virtual Reality entertainment company. He uses that skill to work on his and Alto's gear, repairing and upgrading in his free time between missions.

The amount of time spent in Virtual Reality combat games gave Kay a cockiness in battles. He prefers his firearms compact and versatile. His cockiness has gotten him in trouble before, but Alto has learned how to talk him out of losing battles.

One of Kay's goals in life is to earn his own Wayfarer's License and a ship to call his own. His reason for doing it? So he can take Alto anywhere and everywhere they want to go.

I think all those hyper-realistic video games did turn me into a killer.

— Kay contemplating himself

Remember, I shoot first. You guide. And no jokes if I throw up.

— Kay moments before planet dropping


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