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Wayfarer's License

Before we can get you docked for repairs, I'll need your insurance and Farer's License please.

— Waystation Authority

A Wayfarer's License is a universal document that establishes the ability to drive and operate a class of Wayship. Receiving an Wayfarer's License is often seen as a rite of passage to the stars, and every Banner has at least one form of these Licenses.

A Ticket to the Stars

Wayfarer Licenses are required to pilot Wayships in established space. In order to get one it requires taking several Æthernet courses and passing through simple simulations of Wayship operation.

A Licenses is not difficult to receive, and the cost is negligable compared to the cost of actually owning a wayship. Costs can raise or lower depending on the class of ship being trained for. For example, licenses for large cargo Wayships can often be more rigorous or cost more than a small residental vessel


Wayfarer's Licenses are digitially scanned at most ports and at WayHall stations. If a ship fails a License scan, then it typically is pulled aside to be inspected before being released or impounded depending on the finding.

Universal Acceptance

One of the few things that Banners share is validity of each others Wayfarer's Licenses. For example a Hedon residental ship in Syndicate space will be accepted if they have a Hedon-issued Wayfarer's License. The only time this does not apply is if Wayship pilots are flying Banner-owned vessels.

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I can't believe it! Got my license first try! I did not even have to parallel park my ship into the docking arm! Easy!
— New Wayship Pilot


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