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Feather Fungus


We made it not a few feet out of the car when our Parisan guide pulled us aside to show us the trunk of a sponge-fleshed tree. Within the pores of the tree we could see what looked like feathers waving in the breeze.

Our guide called it out as Feather Fungus, and warned us to never touch anything that looked like those feathers. Found out that they can infect people, using skin as a grow bed for themselves. Seriously... F this planet.

Adventine Dana Chou
Rashweed, Featherweed
Original Planet
Discovery Era
The Crescendo Era
Releated Illnesses
Dolr'ran's Flesh

Feather Fungus is a a parasitic fungal life form that can lay its roots in everything from corralum to flesh. It serves an important role in nature as a quick erosion factor for Jhoutaioan Coral.

However many types of Feather Fungus also have the ability to infect living flesh. If a Sophont falls infected by the fungus, they began to exhibit a disease known as Dolr'ran's Flesh. Suffers will break out in feather-like protusions from their follicles that spread through the body in a painful rash-like outbreak. Scratching at the itchy protrusions cause severe pain or even potential sepsis if the fungal pods beneath the skin are ruptured.

Feather Fungus is dangerous enough to become an outlawed plant to cultivate artificially without a hazardous growth license.

Fungal Erosion

During the seeding stage of life, the Feather Fungus excretes an digestive enzyme that allows it to bury into materials as hard as Jhoutaioan Coral. While this can be a dangerous situtation for most civilization, it is a critical natural process that allows Jhoutaian Coral to be broken up into dirt and sand over centuries.

This Enzyme can be extracted and refined into a self-care product that naturally digests dead skin. If exposed to too much enzymes it can cause dermal ulcers.

Infectious Beauty

During the sporing phase, the Feather Fungus will extrude a long feather-like growth that will reach out of its 'den.' These feathers grow in a myriad of colors and stick out two to six inches into the air. These feathers have spores that can be scattered through extreme weather or by contact.

Many people appreciate the beauty of the feathers, but because of the potential of infection, it is wise to appreciate from a distance.

Stages of Growth

Spore Stage

The first stage of growth is the spore stage, in which the seed, surrounded by a enzyme producing membrane. When it is left alone for a couple hours, it will start the germinate and grow downwards into their chosen surface.

Germination Stage

Once the Spore had buried itself at least an inch below the surface, it will begin to germinate into the host. The organism will harden itself and begin pushing outwards to the surface. Spores are also being produced during this stage.

Feather Stage

Once the feather fungus has secured a path to the surface, it will begin unfurl the feather it has gained its name from. The entire length of the appendage is teeming with spores, significant contact such as a strong gust of wind or a brush against something can send the spores flying.


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