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The Adventines are an order within the Church of The Somnolent. They have particular interests in science, colonization, and exploration. They preoccupy themselves with the surveillance, cartography, and examination of Outer Worlds, and consider it their duty to learn for the sake of learning.

Famed Adventines

Advent Era

Sal Ritter

3rd Aempis Envoy, 2209 ES

Yosef Riskov

1st Valdutan Envoy, 2208 ES
1st Mar'rianiyan Envoy, 2224 ES

Grave Recovered: 2383 GS

Zravis Punell

1st Nege-Tai Envoy, 2209 GS

Named by Toblin

Mortefactus J. Hume-Rothery

4th Nege-Tai Envoy, 2210 GS

Named by Hephaestus

Dana Chou

1st Kajh-Tai Envoy, 2209 ES


Norse Anbride

1st Rotenagr'ra Envoy, 2224 ESS

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