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Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds... those worlds once settled during the great Expansion Era of Ethnis. When the Lacuna came, we lost them all.

Overnight, an entire intergalactic sprawl was reduced to scattered points of light, a body severed and chopped up into thousands of pieces.

The Hub managed to reinstate itself in just a few years thanks to the efforts of determined individuals, but the impact on the economy, and on the minds of the people, could not be undone. Crippled, the Hub worlds , and the Banners rooted upon them, were unable to expand outwards again, and the Outer Worlds were abandoned.

Many of these worlds died. The trade routes were their life blood, and without them they simply lacked the resources to continue.

But many, many more survived. Some even thrived.

We lost so much, and now that the Reclamation is underway there's so very much to find...

Rule of Thumb

The below classification was first developed by Prospectors early into the Reclamation.   While many more comprehensive standards have been developed, the Prospector's Classification remains the most common way to describe the Outer Worlds.
Profession | Feb 24, 2023

Prospectors are explorers who focus on the surveillance, cartography, and examination of Outer Worlds. They often travel solo or in small groups, doing flyovers of worlds and marking interesting locations.

Prospector Classifications

Types of Outer Worlds, as classified by the viability of surviving on them.


Unknown worlds are those not documented in the Archive of Stars, either because they have never been visited or because the data on them was lost when the Archive Of Stars was damaged during the closure of the WayHall.


Unexplored worlds are those which have been surveyed or which are logged in the Archive of Stars, but which nobody has landed on or reported back from. These worlds are a ripe target for Prospectors.


Quarantined worlds are those which are marked as unsafe for landing. This may be due to high Selschaeus (Dark Unity) content, Ongleon infestation, disease, or any other number of causes.


All meaningful life on the planet is dead, and the planet cannot support life anymore. Most Banners will not bother with a dead world except for mining operations, penal colonies, or military bases. As a result, these worlds become a hotbed for illicit activities--both from private interests and from Banner's working with clandestine intent.


Feeble worlds sustain life, but only delicately. Perhaps the atmosphere is thin, the weather bad, the life vicious, disease rife, or some other factor. Colonizing and repairing the world is possible, but if not done with delicate care may push it in the opposite direction and render it a Dead world.


Living worlds are rich with life and highly sought after for their technology, peoples, and resources. They have civilization ranging from tribal to advanced, and are prime candidates to induct into a Banner or colonize.
A world may have multiple classifications at once. It's best to scroll through the logs of a few prospectors and figure out the general consensus.  
Lissen, we call 'em as we sees em, and we sees em as Prospectas, and don't nobody need no complain no 'bout them no bein' good words for the nature of a world. Ain't meant for that!
— A prospector

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