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The physical manifestation of corrupted meta

Glisterwax is the concentrate form of Raw Meta inundated with intense Qualia. It blurs the realm between the metaphysical and the physical, adopting the rules of mundane reality, but not consistently nor reliably.

Glisterwax has the concistency of clotted

found in extremely corrupted areas, growing as a fungus from rotting organics. It is dark, with an oily, iridescent texture. It features prominently in Sorrows rituals.

Glisterwax was first found in The Gleaming

She huddled in the corner, clutching her horns tightly as if trying to relieve the mounting tension—I could hear the audible strain, the creaking as they twisted under the force, threatening to give way at any moment...


The sickening sound echoed through the air as the mottled, diseased horn shattered, releasing a grotesque mixture of crimson blood and viscous oily sludge that trickled down her trembling hands. As the exposed wound met the open atmosphere, a subtle pull, almost like a gentle breeze, tugged at the back of my ear.

A whispering.


Selschaeus (Sell-SHAY-Uss), commonly known as Dark Unity, is the corrupted form of Schaeus (Unity)


Where Unity is the refined meta-energy at the heart of all Meta Tech , Dark Unity is Unity tinted by Soul Sickness—it has turned oily, and developed a form of low, almost animalistic intelligence. One 'strain' of Dark Unity may act physically different to the next: some act like a liquid but can run up walls, some grow like crystals, some expand like gas.

In essence, Dark Unity is putrified Soul energy.

Dark Unity creates more of itself by radiating its energy outwards, sucking meta into itself and corrupting it, and imparting various degrees of Soul Sickness to Sophont within a vicinity of several meters, depending on the quantity of the Dark Unity and the health of the affected souls.

Selschaeus (Among academics)
Rockweat (Among miners)
Glisterwax (Everyone else)
Absorbs Echos and broadcasts their corrupted Qualia outwards to turn all nearby meta into Glisterwax as well.

Maddening Perspectives

A bit of infinity, a lick of nothingness. When you try raw Glisterwax the world is split open before your eyes, revealing all of its beauty and terror. The experience kills most who try it without proper preparation, and even those who do it properly come down from the day-long trip a different, more somber person.


Glisterwax is an extremely dangerous product to work with. Properly dried, purified, and mixed with other substances it become an additive and multiplier which takes the effects of the original substance and elevates them to a meta-affecting level.

In some cases, the outcome effect is so potent that it becomes a metavirus. This is the source of Lovesickness and Muse's Whisper.

Source of Metaviruses

The ability of Glisterwax to elevate a physical experience to a metaphysical one opens up the possibility for that metaphysical creation to take root in the soul, where it can then mutate and become metaviral. Glisterwax is thus thought to be the origin source for most military-grade metaviruses.


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