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Qualia is also philosophic concept separate of Ethnis canon

Qualia is the subjective, conscious experience of the universe as experienced by beings of Sentient Sophonce or greater. It is the private, intrinsic experience of stimuli converted into personal understanding.

As it is currently understood, the Soul stores the reflections of quales as the mind of a Sophont processes them. The process of storage, called Qualic Reflection, can leave behind a Qualic Afterimage, more commonly known as an Echo.

It is this reflection of quales which gives the soul its poetry. It's evidence that our subjective experiences have qualitative properties.

Not only can the mind have a unique internal quales to the stimuli presented to it -- each of us experiences the world in our own way, but these quales can be measured, exported, and imported.

Of course, the danger in thinking in this way is that it presumes that the operation of these metaphysical forces reflects a similarity in physical forces, despite repeat evidence that metaphysics follows its own set of rules.


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