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Schaeus (Unity)


A solidified mass of Meta

Written by Ademal

Schaeus, pronounced SHAY-Uss, and more commonly known as Unity, is a refined material used by the Verin for communication, data-storage, meta-storage, and construction.


Material Characteristics

Unity is an extremely hard and dense material. It is as warm to the touch as skin, and has a somewhat soothing presence due to the purified traces of Auric meta infused into it during encoding.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Unity will darken when someone near it is in a problematic mental state, typically cueing those near them to help out.   Using Auric Divination to form a MetaLink with Unity allows the caster to glean information from the encyclopedic amount of information locked within.   Part of the creation process of Unity involves encoding it with an enchantment to slowly draw meta from the environment to self-sustain. The amount is almost negligible, but the result is that it will keep Echos to a minimum and will sap a minute amount of people's souls. Over time, the knowledge contained within the Unity will increase.

Origin & Source

Unity was first invented by the early Sovereigns of the Verin Haimarchy. It was originally used for meta storage until builders assessed that it made for a good building material and Psiolic determined it to be an ideal thought-storage as well.

Life & Expiration

An unfortunate side-effect of Unity—discovered long after its creation—is that if it is left in isolation for too long it will form a negative feedback loop on itself and corrupt into Selschaeus (Dark Unity). This undermines the structural integrity of the material.   Despite this, The Verin Haimarchy continues to use Unity as a building material. As a result, most worlds they lose succumb to Dark Unity—a fact which makes most banners think twice before trying to take a Haimarchy world. An example of this occurring is Tumult.
It has a faint white glow of intensity matching the hardness of the materials used. It is shades of white/grey depending on purity and quality.

Tech Info

For more info, read: Technology in Ethnis  
Tech Clade
Common. Schaeus is a popular building material in the Verin Haimarchy.
Advanced. A specialized worktable refinery and a bounty of meta is required to refine raw meta into Schaeus.
Mass amounts of raw Meta must be pumped into hardening substances such as resin or concrete, and manipulated into partial solidity via a high-skill Combination Meta spell.

The Unity is then enchanted to absorb ambient Meta from Echos and Sophont to self-sustain.
  • Unity
  • Meta Stone
  • Blessed Meta (Aeei Translation)

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