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Written by Etoilebane

According to Syndicate records, Artian-01-04 went from being one of the more profitable mining planets to being written off entirely in less than a week. Something's going on here.
— Archist Ghirran

"Tumult sucks."
Riss Modi , Captain of the Jupiter Message


A large storm rages over Artian-01-04. Tumultuous clouds arch with lightning, blasting the landscape into a blackened mess. Artian-01-04 is no more. Only the Tumult remains.

The land of Tumult seethes with rocksweat and meta-energy as fell-beasts stalk the landscape. A large, twisted gorge separates the sole settlement from the almost-nonexistent landing sites. Ruined metal waits, sharp and shining for ships to land.

Progress' Reach still stands, but the city seems off; somehow menacing instead of the utilitarian image it was meant to project. Numerous mines dot the landscape of Tumult, however; the current rocksweat concentration of the planet makes them hazardous to explore.
Strangely, the mining equipment still seems to move from time to time in some sort of routine. More research is required.
— Archist Ghirran

Fauna & Flora

Originally, Artian-01-04 had a basic terraforming package of grasses, trees, and small/medium animals installed on it to provide an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere for the mining staff.
Currently, the trees and grasses of Tumult appear to be thriving in the meta-enriched atmosphere. What remains of the animal population is still awaiting classification.
The meta readings are off the charts on Artian-01-04. This level of activity shouldn't be possible for an excavation planet with a single large settlement.
— Archist Ghirran

Natural Resources

"Sometimes I weep for those rich veins of celestine and spherocobaltite; some of the prettiest goddamn mines I've ever seen. Shame about what happened."
— Bergamot, Jupiter Syndicate Mineral Excavation Specialist
Mining cobalt and strontium brought excavators to Artian-01-04.
Currently the only available resource from Tumult is the abundance of rocksweat that seems to be seeped into the very essence of the planet.
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Cover image: Faecha and Feathered Cognivore by Ademal


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Jul 7, 2018 05:54 by Barron

I whole heartedly agree with Riss... Fuck Tumult. Though I love seeing you explore this planet more!

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