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The Mindwrack Gorge

Written by Etoilebane

Early geological surveys of Artian-01-04 don't contain a gorge at that location. Later surveys reveal a large concentration of latent meta-energy and a misshapen hollow that goes several miles across the planet. What in the blazes happened on Artian-01-04? And why am l crying?
— Archist Ghirran
  Jagged, sorrowful and twisted edges along with blackened rock greet visitors of the Mindwrack Gorge as they arrive. Situated between the ruined landing cites of Tumult and the largest city, Progress' Reach; one has to either brave the gorge or fly over to reach the other end.

The ever-present rock-sweat of Tumult, frequent meta-enhanced storms and predators[citation missing] of the Mindwrack Gorge make it a less-than-hospitable place, and should be avoided at all costs makes a welcome destination for burgeoning explorers and those interested in abnormal geology/meteorology.
Frequent storms surrounding the planet make it ill-advised to land closer to Progress' Reach, making the canyon a necessity to cross. Teams are advised to travel in three-man formations and prepare for the worst. I'm so sorry
Tumult Advisory

Alternate names

Tumult's Scar; "Hell no"; All of my sins, The Warped Canyon

"Fun place. Met a big 'ol sazakraht darting in and out of the gorge as lightning fell and illuminated it. Might've been a real sazakraht. Might've been a shared figment of the imagination. Honestly don't know what answer I prefer.
I regret everything Don't even know if the lightning was real. Don't want to know."
Riss Modi , Captain of the Jupiter Message

Purpose / Function

To serve as a reminder. To showcase the abnormal structures present on Tumult after the Killjoy Misfortune incident.
Geographic Feature
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Jul 7, 2018 00:58 by Barron

Haha! I friggen love this. The hidden terror that lies behind makes me chuckle, well done.

Jul 20, 2018 03:22 by Lost Carcosa

"Hell No" made me chuckle! Nice!

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