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Tumult Rocks

Written by Etoilebane

Curious and curious-er, the unusual properties of Tumult continue to awe and inspire me each day.
— Archist Ghirran
Scorched and scarred by lightning, meta and rocksweat, a large amount of rocks on Tumult have picked up the unusual properties of the planet.


Material Characteristics

What normally would have been the reddish-brown rocks of the planets surface, are instead mottled blacks and browns with a particularly dull surface that seems to have a non-lustrous property to it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Several subjects with continued exposure to the rocks express confusion when asked simple questions about their mental well-being. Upon analysis, the rocks have a meta-signature faintly resembling rocksweat.
These might actually make decent paper weights; just stick one on your desk, and people'll get confused when they come near you.
— Archist Ghirran

When left alone for observation, the rocks appear to be completely inert. High-speed video of the rocks reveals very slow movement towards one another (<1 mm/hr). Upon exposure to high-concentrations of meta-energy, the rocks undergo slow but gradual liquefaction into a ruddy-black compound resembling rocksweat.
Exposure to this compound results in the previously mentioned mental fogginess, with the addition of some exposed individuals expressing a suggestive state of mind akin to hypnotism. The compound exhibits the same gradual movement of the solid Tumult rocks, albeit at a faster rate of ~2cm/hr.
Or not. Every time I find something that can be salvaged from Artian-01-04, it has some horrifying hidden downside. Y'know, can't I just get one win from all this?
— Archist Ghirran

Geology & Geography

Found most often near/comprising the The Mindwrack Gorge, Tumult rocks have been theorized to be part of the problem with the canyon.

History & Usage


The unusual properties of the rocks on Tumult were discovered during a meta-analysis following the abandonment of the Artian-01-04 facilities.

Everyday use

The rocks are used in the study of low-level exposure to rocksweat and to continuous exposure to the environment of Tumult.


Jupiter Syndicate scientists theorize that the contaminated rocks could theoretically be refined into rocksweat, but that it would be a bad idea for everyone involved.


Mild cognitohazard. Not safe for consumption.



Due to their slow gravitation towards one another, it is generally theorized that the rocks are safer being stored slightly apart from each-other and not in large amounts.
Moderately common on the surface of Tumult
Due to the rocksweat present in the rocks, researchers were unwilling to taste them.
Mottled browns and black. Some rocks express reddish and dusky hues.
Common State
Liquid Crystalline when exposed to high concentrations of meta
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