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Progress' Reach

Written by Etoilebane

During whatever happened to Artian-01-04, the amount of chatter coming out of Progress' Reach was massive. Did they know what happened?
— Archist Ghirran
Progress' Reach was set up to be the ultimate in utilitarian mining cities. Gleaming buildings, smart roads that kept track of employees walking on them, several eateries featuring a variety of Sasashi, human and Verin cuisine, and a large, imperious building in the middle that served as their link to The Jupiter Syndicate.

Critics of Progress' Reach described the city as 'too formal', 'too stiff' and 'stifling to the employees'. The Jupiter Syndicate read these complaints, and lovingly took them into consideration for the next mining and excavation planet, as this one was already completed as the complaints came through.

The rocksweat, local creatures and less-than-scrupulous scavengers make exploring Progress' Reach hazardous to one's health, but the potential reward of technology and mining equipment makes the payoff worth it for those brave enough to do so.

Industry & Trade

Presently, some small amounts of trade occur among various Tumult explorers.
Formerly, cobalt and strontium processing happened in one of the industrial complexes for easier shipping.


Large gleaming buildings, several processing plants, cracked and ruined roads, a number of housing complexes, several eateries, and a central business and communication hub. Also features several tents left behind by explorers.

Guilds and Factions

Before the abandonment of Tumult, small competitions were held by the Processing and Mining factions of Progress' Reach as a way to keep up employee morale.


Set up as part of the settling of Artian-01-04, Progress' Reach served miners well until the day the planet was lost.


Flattened land within a short distance of several mines.
Large city
An innumerable amount of The Chittering Horde and several (unconfirmed) survivors.
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