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The Chittering Horde

Written by Etoilebane

Looks like some of the local wildlife surrived. Rodents, maybe?
— Archist Ghirran
The Chittering Horde are what remains of the small wildlife introduced to Artian-01-04 as part of the effort to provide an atmosphere for the planet. The rocksweat and meta-enriched planet adapted the small rodents and marsupials introduced to suit its own needs.
Now, The Chittering Horde serve as omens on Tumult. Whenever a concentration of rocksweat starts to mount, they live up to their name and the furious chittering can be heard miles away. Explorers of Tumult have equated their chittering with an almost alarm from the planet, telling them to run if they value their continued existence.
Their unusual physiology manifests itself as a sensitivity to rocksweat, and a peculiar immunity to its corrupting effects. Efforts are underway to discover the mechanism behind their acquired immunity to rocksweat, with no specimens contained for study at this time.  
They're actually sort of cute. If I hadn't seen one dive into a pool of rocksweat, I might actually want one as a pet.
— Archist Ghirran

Basic Information


I take back my comment about sort of wanting one as a pet. Upon closer examination, specimens have black fur, and appear to be naught more than skin, bones, and organs. But my gods, the teeth. I'm probably going to have nightmares about those teeth for weeks to come
— Archist Ghirran

Genetics and Reproduction

One of them went into a pool of rocksweat with a piece of a corpse, and then two specimens emerged from the pool an hour-and-a-half later. I'll send out an advisory to start collecting or burning bodies. Can't have too many of these things running around.
— Archist Ghirran

Ecology and Habitats

Among all of the destruction wrought on Artian-01-04, they actually seem to be thriving in a meta and rocksweat heavy environment. I'm not sure if I should be terrified or impressed. Both, probably.
— Archist Ghirran
Scientific Name
Sciurus-Tumultuous (rodent variant)
Didelphis-Tumultuous (marsupial variant)
Rodents and Marsupials imported to Artian-01-04
Conservation Status
Least Concern.
Average Height
5 inches to 33 inches, based on species.
Average Weight
5 ounces to 12 pounds, based on species.


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