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The Heart of Progress

Written by Etoilebane

Like a beacon on the horizon, The Heart of Progress stands defiant on Tumult. Built almost forty stories tall, it's a favored spot of scavengers; the upper offices and communications equipment are picked almost bare.
The real treasure of the complex lies underneath the complex. Built before the rest of the building, the security in the lower portion of The Heart of Progress is beyond what one would expect, with multiple check points and traps for would-be explorers. Coupled with the rocksweat pulsing through Tumult, the lower levels of The Heart of Progress turn away even the most intrepid of Tumult's scavengers.

Purpose / Function

While Artian-01-04 was being maintained as a colony, The Heart (as it's colloquially known) served as the business and communications hub of Progress' Reach.
As the tallest building in the settlement, it was the natural choice to receive the communication gear necessary to get in touch with The Jupiter Syndicate. Below The Heart, lies a complex with an entirely different nature.


The massive underground complex spirals deep into Tumult, even winding its way through several mine-shafts.
Numerous security alarms and key-card scanners are installed within the building, above and beyond what would be standard for the most paranoid Jupiter Syndicate executive.


One of the more popular types of buildings they use on settlements these days are what we in the biz call pre-builts. Engineers and construction workers take their time making the building, hack it up, install a couple things on it, and then ship it piece by piece to us. Cheaper than shipping a whole building, more expensive than shipping raw materials.
When we get the building, we line up the parts according to the blueprint, press a few buttons and the building assembles itself. Now and then they half-ass it, and that's why we're still trained in construction and assembly.
Anyways, The Heart of Progress was one of those. Real pretentious name, by the way. We got to the site, and the lower part of the building was already set up. Thankfully, we get paid a set rate for each job, so me and my boys had an easy day on that one.
— Foreman Troike
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