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The Gleaming

The Gleaming was a place where reality seems to suspend itself, fearful of what might find within.

It was a location within the FalguMer'rh Region, and was purified and destroyed by the join efforts of Artosen Khandea II and Mar'rianiyah.

Some say the Gleaming still exists, a world within worlds with a secret entrance to those who know how to find it.

The Gleaming cannot be destroyed. It is a place of high concept which has taken corporeal form, a spirit of the land. It cannot be dispelled or destroyed, only moved, and it's still out there, somewhere.

— A conspiracy theory

A place of terrors and fear

Lifeforms from the Gleaming, if they can be called life, are described as ever changing, mutating in ways that seem more to follow the concepts of metaphor than of standard biology, most infected with Glisterwax

Only the fever dreams of the sick and tormented could conceive of the things which bubble up from the primordial glisterwax of the Gleaming.

Their lives are short and tormented, vicious in the way they consome, absorb, or subsume each other in a rapid cycle of reproduction and anihillation.

Life here epitomizes the concepts of fuck, fight, and flee.

Gone, Supposedly

In the reclamation of the territories, the gleaming was supposedly destoyed. This is difficult to verify, as large chunks of the region are cordoned off with barriers as their late-stage purification is ongoing. Some believe one of these regions to be the gleaming.

Other theories state that the gleaming was moved, not destroyed, as nobody knows how to destory a power like that.

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