Wayhall Quarantine Station

It had been months since I saw my parents. Traveling through the stars left so little time to retreat to the safe embrace of family. I had learned so much from the universe, and so much of it could be shared.   The view of the stars was remarkable near the Unstaire Lily Wayhall, brilliant purples and blues from the local nebula refracted beautifully amidst the icy clouds. I saw the familiar sight of the Wayhall break through the nebulous formation. A brilliant silver sheen blinded me for a moment as the sun passed behind us.   It was not until the sun crested entirely behind our Wayship that I saw the gunmetal construct they had laid over the Wayhall gate.   I was confused for a brief moment, and if summoned by my internal thoughts, an announcement piped through our speakers.   "Captain Veluna speaking, it appears the Unstaire Lily system has been placed under quarantine. We will have to take a detour, to anyone stopping at the Unstaire Lily system, please report to a nearby crew member."   I stared at the Quarantine Station in disbelief, I could see the glint of its array of guns, all trained on our vessel. Whatever had happened to my family, I just hope they got out.
- Excerpt of Faeo Adventurer Luhuin

First and Final Defense

Wayhall Quarantine Stations are massive constructs developed by several different companies and Banners. Their purpose is to enforce Quarantined World procedures and protect the universe at large from whatever threat lies behind the gate.   Entry through these Quarantine Stations is heavily regulated, often described as "One Way Trips." Only very select research and recon vessels are allowed through.  


Quarantine Stations are equipped with variable equipment, but are always heavily armed. Their primary purpose is to ensure a quarantine is secure, and they are often ordered to shoot down any transgressing Wayship.

Locking Arm

The Final line of Quarantine Station defense is the alloy shield used to physically block entry into the WayHall. Once a Quarantine Station is docked, the only way through is with permission.

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View From Quarantine by Ademal

Fielding Banners

Nearly all Banners with sizable holdings have a fleet of Quarantine vessels.


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