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Wayships traverse both space and WayHallusing Meissner Antigravity and jets for flight, and some are equipped with interstellar drives. They come in a variety of uses and sizes, some small corvettes and some massive frigates, flagships, and supertankers.


Because they are meant to withstand gravity and zero gravity alike, Wayships are made terrestrially on high-gravity planets and are then submerged in water to test for air leaks before additional systems are added.



All of the issues of a house and a ship in one. A great way to lose a fortune.

— A Retired Line Runner

If it can be built, it can be added to a Wayship. Galleys, mess halls, barracks, engine rooms, labs, fabrications, cargo, and so forth are all staples of Wayships.


Wayship safety is serious consideration. Even the Federation, which is notoriously lax on its regulation, isn't fond of badly-maintained ships damaging its ports or crashing into its satellites. Expect to submit to scans and an external assessment, at the least. More invasive ports may demand an inventory of onboard systems, crew, or cargo.

Common Wayships are hardly ever more than 100' long, though some dwarf the ports built to accomodate them.

Life Aboard a Wayship

Of all the considerations of a Wayship's construction, the great exception is. Every centimeter of ship inhabited by crew is another centimeter that could've held cargo or machinery. This rings true from the smallest ships to the largest. Open space is an

A decent wayship costs a little more than an expensive house. A great one costs a great deal more than that.

Mobility Classification

Wayships come in Astrodyne and Astrostat. These reflect the mobility of the Wayship, such as nav and engines.  


A Wayship which remains actively mobile, moving from place to place rather than having a single port, such as a warship.   Astrodynes are more vehicular in usage.  


A Wayship which remains relatively in-place, such as in orbit or attached to a geological feature such as an asteroid.   Astrostats are more inhabitatory in usage.
If a Wayship cannot be moved it is not a Wayship.

Naming Standards Among Banners

Referring to Wayships as Wayships has a history all its own, but how each Banner names its Wayships is unique and tends to follow a formula. Once you know this, you can usually classify ships by their name alone. (Read More)
Apple of Hedonism
Classifications refer to aspects of Hedon's symbol (Thorn, Petal, Vine). Ships are owned by Nobility and loaned to individuals, which is reflected in the naming. The rest of the name is up to the individual. (Marquis Estrad's Vine—the Golden Sunrise, Baron Lysjho's Petal—Embrace of Velvet, Esquire Sarko's Big Fuckin Thorn)
Church of the Somnolent
Federation of Free Planets
Classifications refer to industrial equipment (Rig, Lift, Transit). Individual names
Verin Haimarchy
Classifications refer to Aeolamen breeds (Breezerider, Streamrunner, Skygod). Individual names refer to natural forces for warships (Endless Gale, Rumbling Earth), or refer to the family Ancients (Yula's Mercy, Mython's Gaze).
House of Sorrows
Classifications refer to fear (Angst, Terror, Agony). Individual names are poetic in nature, refer to a piece of Sorrows lore, and do not differ between classifications but do refer to them (Agony of the Lost Goddess, Angst of a Tortured Sait, Terror of the Slain Legion).
Jupiter Syndicate
Classifications refer to naval terms (Carrier, Cruiser, Frigate).
ValuSelu Pact


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 29

Describe a commonly used vehicle in your world and who its used by.

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