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Line Runners

Long-haul truckers running the Wayhall lines

Co-Authored by Ademal
One part space cowboy, one part long-haul trucker, and a dash of stunt driver thrown in for flavor. As long as there's been places and stuff, there's been a need to haul that stuff from one place to another. Line Runners, Runners, fill that role in modern times, hauling cargo across dangerous and dubious reaches of space for companies and individuals alike.   Many a fledgling ship captain fancies themselves a Runner virtue of transporting goods, but running lines isn't just an occupation, it's a way of life. Smugglers worth their salt aspire to be line runners, as it's generally an above-the-board job, but many fail to establish a line and the reputation needed for consistent clientele and jobs.  

Me an' Shathru-Nis ran a few lines back in the day. Wasn't fun, but we did good work.



A good line runner needs guts. Those, determination, a quick ship with a good cargo hold and a devil-may-care attitude are required for a great runner. The best runners? Eh, ain't seen one of those in a long time now. Forgot what they looked like.

— Boris, Retired Runner
  Line Running isn't a job you'll find listings for. They rise from the ranks of pilots, soldiers, con artists, and a dozen other fields. They don't just find niches, they make them. They call these niche's lines.

Career Progression

A runner's skill and reputation determine the scale and caliber of jobs they receive, often through being contacted by the client, or through an agency. Agency runners also achieve a sort of seniority not seen with freelance runners.

Payment & Reimbursement

Based on the danger, duration and amount of cargo hauled, line runners are well compensated for their time.

Other Benefits

A great or high profile line runner never need pay for their own drinks at a bar, other than that, the pay's not bad.



A good ship is all that's required. Everything else is the Line Runner them-self

Dangers & Hazards

Warzones, Interplanetary conflicts, asteroids, and pirates all threaten the runner's existence.
Moderate to high-end staple.

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