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The Jupiter Message

Written by Etoilebane

The Jupiter Message, a proud courier from the days of yore. 32m from bow to stern and 7 from port to starboard unless you accounted for the additional 3m of wingspan of the thruster arrays on either side. It only had a smattering of gravity plates inside, not a gun to its name, and its Meissner engine could either simulate (bad) gravity inside, or navigate magnetosphere, but lacked the power to do both. What it lacked in everything else it made up for in being covert. Its small profile, thick plating, and cleverly insulated machinery meant that it left nearly no traceable trail and was difficult to scan even when you knew it was there.

The Expansion Era is nearly forgotten these days, safely tucked away in the deteriorating memories of the elderly. The Message is a relic of it, but not a very well respected one. There it is now, pulled up to dry-dock on the aptly named Srida’s Smile, a trade bazaar where our heroes have come to deliver a shipment of blank AI Cores and, while they’re at it, to wet their beaks. Its plating is a bit rusty, but you can hardly tell underneath all the graffiti anyhow. Even the Captain was in on it, he was to blame for the re-lettering of Message to Massager. It was flawless work, really, same exact font and everything, but the shine of the fresh metal on the A and R gave away just how recent the “upgrade” actually was.

Riss Modi, here mulling over a pint, had won the ship in a game of cards about a year ago. A bad hand, a good bluff, and entirely too many pints had found him with his hands on a little chunk of history. It was easily the most expensive thing he owned, even if you summed up everything else he owned. (The clothes on his back, his goggles, his welder, and a keychain he’d nicked from a booth at a fair once)

Weapons & Armament


Armor and defense

Thick (and severely dented) armor plating with the name of the ship lovingly adorned on the side.

Communication Tools & Systems

Medium range local communication along with interstellar communication facilities.


Rough sensors, able to detect heat and radiation, and provide radar.

Additional & auxiliary systems

A fully functioning divinorium, and leads from the divinorium (through the Message) to provide magic to the Sorscha.
The Jupiter Massager
"She ain't the prettiest girl, but she'll get the job done."
Owning Organization
NaN - Won in a game of cards
32 metres
Complement / Crew
6, with captain.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Not as much as you'd think

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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