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Quarantined World

Written by Ademal

A Quarantined World is a planet which, by whatever means, has been deemed unsafe for habitation, and is under quarantine until a future date. It is differentiated from an abandoned or dead world because there is a plan of action surrounding the quarantine.

Reasons for Quarantine

A world can be quarantined for any number of reasons, but the most common are:
  • Bioweapon infestation
  • Disease
  • Radiation
A planet has to be in a truly sordid state to be marked as Quarantined. Few Prospectors will even bother to test their mettle against a Q-World.  
Another prospector says that world ain't viable then it ain't viable!
— A prospector
  Prospectors who falsely mark a world as a Q-World end up with stained names, and are often blacklisted from future contracts.


Alternative Name(s)
Notable Q-Worlds
Facility 3
I noticed that the world was marked as a Q-World and opened up the notes of the last guy.
Begin Log... Planet Name: Merdeni IV   Quarantine Reason: BIO WEAPONS, MAN, FUKKIN EVERYWHERE   Plan of Action: Ain't nobody takin' this world without an army behind them End Log I closed the notes and started to turn my ship around.   "Good enough for me."


Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 5

Describe an inhospitable area in your world and what its environment is like.

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