Facility 3

Written by Barron


Facility 3 was a secretive research and development lab created by Willow Corp and eventually bought out by Victory Incorporated. Facility 3 was built on an isolated asteroid that orbits around Victoriana's (Planet) sun.   It was not even public knowledge until the end of the Melancholic Lacuna after reports of a mass casualty event caused the entire section of space to become target of a nuclear detonation.  


Facility 3 was an entirely self-sufficient asteroid station, very few people who were stationed at Facility 3 had chances to return to their homes. So the living quarters and recreational facilities were made to be state of the art. While mysterious in nature, the actual research facilities were at the time of creation second to none.  

The Incident

The Taboo Incident is shrouded in mystery, kept secret by Victory Incorporated and the only survivor of the incident Osborne Jadey. 13000 people were killed either by whatever destroyed the facility or the nuclear detonation that was used to end the facilities life.  


The destruction and existence of Facility 3 when it was leaked to the public caused a period of outrage among the general public. It was the first incident of a secret project kept from the public eye, and it took the combined efforts of the entirety of the Directoriate to restore order.   To this day most people still do not know what happened to Facility 3, but ideas of super weapons or Focus-based research gone awry are the most prevalent rumors as to what happened to Facility 3

Facility 3 was so much potential, yet it was also a case of just not knowing what the universe had in store for us. We learned from it, and we move on.

Taboo Involvement

Leaks that are currently being released by Net-Leech networks suggest that research into the powers of the Eye of Taboo caused some form of monster to be made within the facility which killed all inside.   Some believe that Osborne Jadey caused the incident, while others say he was the one who stopped it from spreading.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 5

Describe an inhospitable area in your world and what its environment is like.

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