Eye of Taboo

Written by Barron

The All-seeing Wisdom of Taboo

The Eye of Taboo is an artifact under the exclusive care of Victory Corp and Osborne Jadey. Discovered sometime before the The Melancholic Lacuna, the eye has been proven to be part of the original Taboo.  

The Facility 3

While it was originally found by the Archive, they lost possession of the artifact to the Syndicate during the Facility 3 incident. It was the end of this incident that saw the facility destroyed by nukes.   The only survivor of the incident was Osborne Jadey, who carried the Eye of Taboo with him. What happened in that facility is unknown to most, but after that point the Eye has never been seen again.   The Archive has tried repeated attempts to acquire the Eye, but they have yet been able to locate and collect it for themselves.  


The Eye of Taboo has a unique property of being able to sense a biological creatures weakness. Super weapons like the Ongleon, have been brought down by the Syndicate using the Eye of Taboo as recon. Counters have been created solely on its advice.   The fact that the Syndicate still produces effective Counters is one of the few bits of evidence to suggest that the Syndicate still holds the Eye of Taboo.

Current Location

  The Eye of Taboo still exists, most who know of the Eye acknowledge that fact. The last time the Eye was seen was during the aftermath of Facility 3. Most rumors and anecdotal evidence suggest that Osborne Jadey is hiding the Eye to protect it from anyone else.   Why he would be doing this, or where he would be keeping the Eye is a mystery even The Archive has not been able to crack.

The Eye of Taboo is as powerful as any other part. Rather than use it for war, we use it to protect the Universe.


The containment of the Eye is done through a disinfected reinforced glass container. The container is filled with a preserving liquid, which keeps the Eye fed and comfortable.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 24

Write about the history surrounding a unique artefact or work of art in your world.

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