Willow Corp.

Willow Corp was one of the companies whose merger made Willow-Victory Corp, one of the key members of the Jupiter Syndicate and founders of Victoriana City. They operated with only their key staff, meaning there is more pay split up across all workers of the company. Because of their agile form and thin numbers, they were the perfect foil to their competition and comrade, Victory Inc.   They were pacifists and rarely sold weapons, but what few weapons they did sell were veritable glass canons, meant to deal with a pressing threat rather than sustain combat—designs which later gave rise to the Counters.   Willow Corp's division within Willow-Victory focuses on science and progress. They are the main source of tools and worker drones within the Syndicate. Their tools are easy to produce and fairly reliable. In the words ofmany a mechanic: "You can't go wrong with a Willow Wrench."   Willow Corp oversees several subsidiaries such as Lliandri Corpe and Galactic Cybernatics, both of which focus on body modification. Lliandri Corpe is the supplier and optimizer of the Human Genestruction, as well as other organic modifications. Galactic Cybernetics focuses on integrating hardware into living tissue.

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