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Counters are the pinnacle of Jupiter Syndicates military forces. They are massive mechanized units that are intended to compete with other banners prized units. These machinations can vary greatly in equipment and form depending on the situation they are being called into and what they were designed to counter.   All Counters are building-sized Mecha-based contraptions, piloted by tens to hundreds of specialized engineers and brilliant minds. They typically deploy alone, but can be combined under a threat of a massive scale.

Building a Super Unit

Counters are never produced by a single company. Instead dozens of companies contributes their own specialized parts. This community drive of parts serves several purposes.  
  • No individual company is solely responsible and in control of the Counter-building or owning process.
  • If any individual company separates from the Syndicate, recovering Counter production is less hassle.
  • It serves as a public symbol that the Syndicate is only at its full strength with all corporations combine forces.


Counters are designed and created after discovering dangers which require them. For example, a Counter designed to fight Ongleons came about when the first reports of Biological superweapons became a threat.   This reactive design helps prevents Counters from being outmatched due to unforeseen design flaws.

Deploying a Counter

We're going into hell. All fifty-eight of us. Strapped up in our walking tin-can. Now we can only hope the design of the Counter is solid. I've run the simulations, it should be enough.   We spent two years prepping for this. We don't have the choice to fail.
— Counter Co-Pilot
Counters are first designed, and then a crew is gathered from the serving forces of the Jupiter Syndicate reserves. This Crew is sent to bond with their new post, learning both their Counter and each other inside and out.   The Training for the counter can take months to years, and it only deemed complete when the Crew has shown the ability to cope with stress as a group and work their Counter under the most dire of conditions.


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Sage Happy4488
Matthieu A.
19 Apr, 2019 12:41

Woah. I hope they have a good quality assurance team if a mecha is built by many companies.

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