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Victoriana City


Victoriana City was founded during The Bannercasting by the corporations who ceded from The Church of The Somnolent. Victoriana City was designed around the landing point of the Corporations Wayships. Much of the cities design decisions were created by Osborne Jadey of Victory Corp and Walter Wyatt Whittaker Watchworks. The city quickly grew into corporate districts, and is now one of the most populous cities in the universe.  


Many of the original Architectural decisions were made by Walter Wyatt, and his love of clockwork shows in many of the cities basic features. Bronze and gold tints are prevalent in many of the public spaces, machinations are often visible and artistic in nature. The visible nature of its machinations has earned the city the Nickname "City in Motion."  


Victoriana City is the corporate headquarters of many of the most powerful corporations in the universe. These headquarters are often massive constructions, each with their own spin of architecture that represents their company values. The most famouse of these structures are The Bronze, the Headquarters of the now defunct Walter Wyatt Whittaker Watchworks, and the public space Victory Archway.


The Rivers

While much of it's natural features have disappeared underneath constructions, Victoriana City still holds some of it's natural features. A series of rivers runs through the city, each serves utility and as recreational space. The rivers named after the original founders of the Syndicate are kept clean by corporate-funded technology.

The Ladder Crevice

Ladder Crevice is a massive canyon that stretches for ten miles. It is owned by Schrodinger Supply, and it used to house the entirety of its on-planet staff and facilities. The Crevice is a popular landmark, and is often used as marketing by Schrodinger Supply.


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