Ladder Crevice

Written by Barron

The Ladder Crevice is a massive canyon that borders the edge of Victoriana City. The entire crevice is owned by the Schrodinger Supply corporation.  

Natural Geography

Ladder Crevice is a naturally formed Canyon where one of Victoriana City's river cuts through a soft surface rock until it exposed the much harder bedrock. Similar to the Grand Canyon, the layers of erosion are clearly visible on the walls of the crevice. The unique features of the Crevice come from some of the types of rocks that were exposed by erosion. Layers of ancient volcanic rock lead the canyon into a darker color the further down the crevice one is.  


Schrodinger Supply preserved the crevice by constructing their facilities within the sides of the crevice. Several glass bridges gap the walls of the canyon, and leave employees with fantastic views and easy commutes. Windows tinted to match the color of the rock surrounding it allows for the canyon to appear for the most part untouched besides the bridges.  

Ladder Symbolism

During the building of the Crevice, Schrodinger Supply wanted to find a way to promote quick communication through the ranks of the company. They achieved this by designing the Crevice where the further down you are, the lower in the company you were. This proved effective in ensure that employees were always situated close to their direct managers.   This design also gave the Crevice a reputation of being a physical representation of Corporate life. It was symbolic of the corporate ladder, the higher in the company you went the more beautiful things became, you can see further and you had more people beneath your hell.

Living in Ladder Crevice can be both depressing and motivating.   If you are stuck in your career, you can feel literally stuck in the same place. If you are advancing, you actually have the physical change of life that comes with it.
— Schrodinger Supply Employee


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 6

Write about a constructed or natural landmark in your world.

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