The Bronze

Written by Barron


The Bronze is a massive tower that spans the center blocks of Victoriana City. Consisting of a brilliant copper glow, and constantly shifting textures, the building is often the first thing people see when landing on the planet of Victoriana.   The purpose of the building is to host the primary government of The Jupiter Syndicate, as well as host most of the consisting corporations board of directors.  


The building is made from a sturdy base of alloys, plated with rust-proof bronze and layered with holographic projections which are used to shift the design of the building. The building is a flat obelisk-shaped construction that stands about 2000' in height. The building was designed to dwarf all other structures built around it.

Notable Wings


Luxurious suites and mansions dot several of the higher floors of the Bronze, these mansions are reserved for CEO's or other dignitaries who visit the Syndicate on business or diplomatic trips. Many of the most prominent businessmen in the Universe hold a floor of the Bronze to themselves.

Board Hall

The political chambers where The Directoriate meet to discuss all matters regarding The Jupiter Syndicate. The bronze-plated grand table is designed to be televised to the entire planet as transparency of what happens in the Board Hall are of the utmost importance to the Syndicate. Very few people can say they have stepped inside the Board Hall.


The University at Bronze is one of the most affluental places of education in the Universe. The best Syndicate minds stay here to refine their craft or teach prospective students. They have fields that range in any subject, and facilities that they boast are second to none. Dormitory space in the University is limited, but subsidized housing is available in adjacent buildings.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 4

Write about a ceremonial building in your world and what takes place there.

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