Victory Archway

Written by Barron

The opening of the Victory Archway marks a turning point of how we as corporations need to look at our contributions. It adds nothing to the Syndicate to make the fanciest facilities if they are only for your employees.   So we made the Victory Archway, a place where everyone can visit, relax, and enjoy what we as corporations can bring to the universe.


During first century of Victoriana's development. Competitions between the different corporations took many forms. Many in their products, but some in construction of the most impressive Headquarters. Victory Incorporated took this competition to the next level, dedicating a major portion of their yearly revenue not only in workspaces, but also into public works as well.   The Victory Archway was created over a decade of construction. All hidden behind a holographic curtain until the project was finally revealed. The Victory Archway when revealed set other companies to shame, shutting down the construction competition.  


The carbon steel archway sported a magnetically self-supporting structure made of Sunmetal. Artifical gravity allowed a river to flow through the floating mobious strip pattern. Anyone could walk along this river, and see the entirety of Victoriana City at any angle they so desired.   The Inside of the Victory Archway is hollow, allowing for Victorina's largest vertical farm, including the universe's largest Kokobell programming facility, all accessible to the public for a small subscription fee.  

Unity Strip

Suspended at a thousand feet in the air, the floating mobious strip known as the Unity Strip is one of the main attractions of Victoriana (Planet). With a river running along the entire length as well as several high-end restaurants and park areas, people from all around the universe visit the Unity Strip by the thousands. Because it is floating and constantly in a slow rotation, you can see the entirety of the city from the benches of the Unity Strip.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 1

Describe a lush and fertile location in your world.

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