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The Programmable Superfood

Kokobells are a product designed by Schrodinger Supply and now owned by Victory Corp. They started as survival product, but soon evolved into a designer fruit that is as common as bread or water on Victoriana (Planet).  

A Design of Convenience

The Kokobell was first made to supply colonists with a singular crop to provide all the required vitamins and minerals on long stays in uncharted planets. However, Victory Corp saw this fruit as an opportunity far closer to home. Engineers turned the flavorless fruit into a programmable super food. Flavors could be chosen by consumers and batches by the thousands could be ordered.   Kokobells quickly became a fashionable trend in Victoriana City. It has only grown in popularity since its introductions, replacing many other fruits and vegetables.  


The largest selling point of the Kokobell besides its nutrional value is the ability to program its flavoring before growing the product. Using Orga tech, engineers can specifically target a flavor profile during the germination stage of a seed. And with its rapid grow rate, consumers can order a flavor to be grown and eat it within a four week cycle.  

Wider Use

Kokobells can also be used to create oils and suppliments, but are mostly used as a pairing with other foods to ensure proper nutrition throughout the day. It's many uses have allowed it to spread even outside Syndicate space. Other Banners have taken on the Kokobell in their own unique varients.

Popular Flavor


A particular hit among the humans of the Syndicate, Avacado became a stand out flavor. Avacado Kokobells can be used on everything from toast, to high-end human cuisine.  

Meyfar (Species)

A spicy variant of the Kokobell that is popular among Sazashi clientele. This Kokobell is often served as a component of Sazashi cuisine, since Meyfar fruit can be hard to import to the Syndicate.


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 2

Write about an important plant in your world and what it is used for.

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