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Member Since: 26 Nov, 2017

After a somewhat disappointing entry into the world (I had been holding out for the role of Gregory Peck, but it had been filled long before and I had simply failed to notice the announcement.), I proceeded to have a childhood that gave me access to a number of strange and curious adults. This, coupled with my habit of reading anything that anyone bothered to set in print, caused me to realize that the world is full of truly dreadful people who will attempt to enforce normalcy upon otherwise intelligent and imaginative children.   Since that time, I have done my best to disrupt those who would impose order at the expense of creativity. Ironically, this has led to a number of postings as a deep agent in some of the most uptight organizations imaginable. My record of leaving a trail of chaos behind speaks for itself.

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Interests & Hobbies

Writing, Worldbuilding, Role Playing Games (either as gamemaster or player), Photography, Typography, Graphic Arts, Science, Astronomy

Favorite Movies

Big Trouble in Little China, Rollerball (the real one), Westerns, Easterns (Asian historical movies), Blazing Saddles, The Princess Bride, Twelve O'Clock High, Duck Soup, The Three Musketeers

Favorite TV Series

I haven't watched television in more than a decade, so I am a very poor judge of what is worth viewing.

Favorite Books

Too many to name.

Favorite Writers

In no particular order: Heller, Vonnegut, Vance, Iain Banks, Gene Wolfe, Bradbury, Melville, Stout, Hammett, Vernor Vinge, Butler, Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Verne, et al.

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