Rotenagr'ra Khatoum

We have done plenty to destroy Earth, it is covered in vast wastelands thanks to our hubris. When we toured the acidic wastes of Rotenagr'ra, it was a revalation of what destructive power the Sazashi held with their Meta.

The air singed my tongue with sulfur, even through our filtration suits. Pools of acid tempted us with their rainbow hues, ready to strip our bones of our flesh at one misstep.

We couldn't see much wildlife besides what coral structures spider-webbed from the earth, but our guide warned us that the wildlife could no doubt see us.

Adventine Dana Chou

A true wasteland, Rotenag’ra was once a massive Nege forest. The land was claimed by Khirmagne, the first Sazashi to secure the mainland of Jhoutai. During the Era of Valuser'rh, the Shejlt-Rajh, in a desperate bid to shut down the Khirmagne. Devastated the entire Nege forest using Meta-Mass Destruction Weapons.

The fallout and ecological disaster turned the Rotenag’ra into a festering flatland with acid pools, predatory fungi, and razor sharp stone. The entire southern region suffered a corallum collapse, creating an entire region of unstable and treacherous coral desert.

Only where the wastelands approach the mountains of Dar’ru is the land at its more natural state. The cold winds from the north combine with what little remains of the forest to create a frigid steppe.

In the present day, there are many Pact-driven efforts to restore and reseed Rotenagr’ra. It will take generations to knit the wounds.

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Dust Storms
Acid Rain
Acid Rivers
Though the Striated Range is dead on the surface, deeper channels continue to be a source of sulphiric acid rivers. In some places this is a trickle, while others only overflow during monsoons, sending lethal floods across unsuspecting floodplanes.
Sveo Storm
Sveo Phenomenon
Glow Rain
Glow Rain

Major Regions

Hell's Cauldron

The ongoing churn of a coral collapse which began during the rebalancing, when Valuser'rh set off a high-yield spellbomb below the coral mantle.

Crumbling Coast

At the southwest corner of the region, islands of ring coral quail under blugeoning waves.

The Veiled Steppe

The Striated Range

A range of largely inert coral ridges sweep down from the northwest of the region, traveling in a south-by-southwesterly heading before terminating in foothills. Though most are dead, there are several large oasis of live growth where the coral has adapted to Khatoum's many changes and began to grow.

The Deadlands

A sun-scorched desert of dark, ashen sands where a nege forest once stood.

The Storm Forge
The Slog Rots

Native Life

Though they have mostly been hunted to extinction, the Idraeda hold a special place in the mythos of


Common Landmarks

Subterrain Gorges
Thanks to how the Striated Range grows, overlaps in the range have created roofed gorges which sometimes are kilometers across and thousands long.

Specific Landmarks


Located in the heart of the Deadlands, where the last Nege trees of Khatoum are rooted. The city is responsible for its slow return to health, and is the capital city of Khatoum.


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