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Glow Rain

Glow Rain is a natural phenomena which occurs on Jhoutai. It is a sticky rain which glows with the phosphorescent spores of the various surface fungaloids, and helps to disseminate them over the surface of the world.

The color of the rain is a strong indicator of the type of spores within it. Most neutral clouds glow a soft blue, but there are many variants of green as well.

Many a Sazashi has swallowed their embers by risking an expedition when the stormclouds burned with shades of red and purple.

Their fate is often the same: they are found grown over, filled with fungus throughout and within. Ideally, for their own sake, they are dead.

Illya's Blessing

Leafy growth sprouts up from the puddles in vibrant flora. A Biology Check will tell you which ones are edible. Some of the tastiest ones are also masquerading as some of the deadliest.

Threaded Ivy
Coiling ivy chokes all it can find, uncanny in its ability to seek warmth, shade, and wetness. It's roots are legion, but cannot penetrate stone. Bone however... you've got about five minutes to get alcohol on it before you'll feel the spores wiggling under your skin and connecting into root structures.
Ruddy Rain
Ruddy Spire



A living list of flora which contribute to glow rain.


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